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Nominations Are Open! 

Dr. Eva Naomi Hodgson

Racial Justice Awards 2023

Dr.  Eva Naomi Hodgson’s almost 8 decades long fight for racial justice has emphasized the need to address the structures of racial inequity in our communities.  CURB has noted the increasing number of organizations, individuals, faith communities and groups that have launched efforts to bring about greater racial equity in their community. The launch of the Dr. Eva Naomi Hodgson Racial Justice Award reflects CURB’s strongly held commitment to justice, equity and equality and the belief that organizations and individuals much like Dr. Hodgson can become dynamic agents for social change in their communities.  Our event will be held in October 2023.   Stay tuned for event details, sponsorship opportunities and ticket sales.  We look forward to receiving your nominations.  Please submit your nomination by filling out the questions provided within this form. 

Nominations should show any or all of:


These awards shall be presented to individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution toward the elimination of racism and/or furthering racial equity, restoration of relationships and inclusiveness in Bermuda.

The review process includes, but is not limited to, an assessment of the criteria listed below. Due to the wide variety of initiatives that can be considered, an initiative does not need to meet every criteria. At a minimum the nominee's aspirations must:

  • Impact racism

  • Promote anti-racism

  • Restore relationship breached by racial offence

  • Must be a resident of or based in Bermuda

  • Have taken place since the observance of Dr. Hodgson's passing, May 2020

  • Agree to allow a summary of their accomplishments to be published

  • Be active in the arena of racial equity


Submit your nominations today!

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